Plague of babies

I am at that point in my life when everyone is having babies.
This fall.
Or so it seems.

So I have put a few baby blankets on the needles - a little too blithely, as I am unsure how this one ends. I started with a circle, but abandoned it a few rounds later when I realized that the amount of yarn I had would make it relatively small and appropriate for a car seat or stroller blanket and that being the case a square would be more useful.

Then I didn’t want to rip it out (not sure why, I only had a few rounds) and needed to incorporate the circular beginning into a now square blanket. I ended up grouping the increases into the corners. I quite like it and I think that it will be a nice soft rounded corner affair when I finally get it off the needles. But I really need to figure out how that’s going to happen. It needs some sort of border because the stockinette stitch base will roll into uselessness without something, but I don’t know what kind of border. Something lacy and girly? A big whack of garter stitch? A hem? Must come to terms with it soon, before the weather turns and the babe will start to need a good woolen blanket.

* The title comes from Invader Zim. How I love Invader Zim.

2 Thoughts

  1. Monika says:

    That looks quite promising. I love the increases in the corners. I hope you’ll figure out the perfect edging for it!

  2. J says:

    I’m usually not much for picot edging, but for some reason I think it could really work in this context, especially if done in a blue or periwinkle.

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